The Technology

Poppins Portal
Our aim has been to develop a product that could be easily adapted to work in any high street.

Our touchscreen, searchable, archive player – the “Poppins Portal” – uses readily available technologies. It is totally self contained – everything is kept within the Poppins Shop.

Poppins Technology

This means :-
a) It encourages sociability as users have into come the shop to view the material.
b) It allows content owners to retain control.

But it is also up-dateable – fresh material is added at regular intervals to encourage repeat visits.

Poppins is easily navigated and searchable. Visitors to Poppins can watch the archive via touchscreen PCs, tablets, 4 large projection sites around the shop.

The Poppins Coins
The Poppins coins unlock access to the individual devices and to the archive collections. Users can also ‘buy’ access to events, training and reminiscence sessions. Archive users are asked some demographic questions at the start of their session, helping us understand who likes to use the portal and what they like best so that, in future, we can enhance the service.

Poppins coins have an embedded RFID chip which allows us to understand the movement of coins in and around the town and between retailers.

Poppins Technology